My Medical Pass, a new digital health service for French patients

Le Mag Article | 07 Oct 2014
My Medical Pass was born from an observation made by the creators of the service, former directors of health facilities and health professionals: making appointments is a source of tension and anxiety for patients. The project is also based on the belief that the development of outpatient surgery is a source of comfort and security. It allows the patient to return home the same day, thereby reducing the risk of nosocomial infections.

The objective of the online My Medical Pass service is to facilitate access to outpatient surgery for patients prior to hospitalization. This service assists the patient in the coordination of medical appointments (e.g. surgery, anaesthesia, etc.) at the pre-admission level. My Medical Pass constitutes the link between outpatient consultation and hospitalisation: it is a "one-stop shop" of a national network, facilitating access to outpatient surgery by, in turn, facilitating the proceedings leading to this type of surgery (i.e. over 90% of cases such as carpal tunnel surgery, tooth extraction, etc.).

An "express" option has been added due to the numerous cancelled appointments (on the same day or the next day) to allow specialists to quickly reassign and offer users an appointment within the day or the following one.

The service is very simple to use : the patient searches for appointments based on consultation reason, the date and the location. As a result, several appointment options are proposed. The patient chooses according to the proximity of the appointment (geographical and temporal proximity). A person can also perform a filtered search based on fees. As a result, a pre-booking code is communicated. The patient must then confirm the appointment by calling 118 918 (a premium rate number). The service is currently limited to appointments with certain categories of health professionals but it will soon be rolled out to all specialties including outpatient surgery facilities. Partner healthcare facilities will also be integrated.

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